What is a Memory Dump?

A "memory dump" is a file produced by a computer just before a system crash. This file captures the overall state of the system, and is a historical record of what was happening. It can also offer clues on how to fix system problems, and prevent future failures.

What is Project : Memory Dump?

Similar to the memory dump produced by a failing computer system, this project proposes creating an audio "memory dump" - a record that captures the state of our lives during the economic recession, civil unrest, and pandemic of 2020. How did we get here? How are we coping? Is it too late to save the system? Does the system warrant saving? What happens if we reboot?

Recorded messages will be edited and arrangedRecordings will be paired with a custom music scoreThe music score will be produced by Testube

Assembling the Project

On Dec 1, 2020, all recorded messages will be retreived and the voice messaging service will then be closed. Not all recordings will be included in the final project, and those that are selected for inclusion may not be used in their entirety.

Recordings that best exemplify the overall theme of the project shall be edited and arranged in an experimental "spoken word" format, paired with an original music composition.

The final project will feature recordings from many participantsThe recording will be available on many free streaming servicesYou are encouraged to share the project with your friends

Sharing the Project

The final audio assemblage project shall be completed in January 2021, and uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms that offer free audio and/or video streaming services.

Once the project has gone live, please help spread awareness by sharing with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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About the Artist

Jeff Danos from TestubeJeff Danos is a visual artist, musician, deejay, and remixer who has been creating experimental electronic music under the name TESTUBE since 1994. With over a dozen albums and counting, he has developed a trademark sound that finesses order out of chaos, spanning multiple genres.

Over the years, his music has also appeared in independent films, cable programming on Cartoon Network and reality TV, as well as the extreme sports shows Ultimate Rush and Red Bull's X Fighters.

His sounds have been used by Nike, LinkedIn, and Vita Media in corporate presentations. And online, the music of TESTUBE has regularly provided the creepy backdrop for the millions of viewers hooked on the highly controversial Dark5 Series on YouTube.

Jeff is excited to apply his unique "mad science" brand of music composition to this community audio project!

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